Winter Scenes

 Photo composition and manipulation

The background is enhanced by an emphasis on the contrast of the clouds in terms of hue and contrast.

Early February southwest view winter day Northeastern United States (2016)

The warm color on the middle house from the morning sunlight creates a center of interest in the photograph.

Late January winter morning Northeastern United States (2016)

Neighborhood snow scene approximately two years later.  The 2016 photo was taken with a Nikon 3100 and the 2018 photo was taken with an iPhone 8+.

Southern neighborhood view after February snowstorm (2018)


Neighborhood southern sunset with a contrast of the vertical lines of the trees with the diagonal lines of the sunset.

Neighborhood south sunset (November 2017)

December Snowstorm with the sun behind the trees.

Neighborhood east view snowstorm (2017)

East view February snow. Compare the color scheme with the above photo.

February snowstorm east view (2017)

The snow covered trees reinforce the vertical motif of the photograph.

john's yard
Mid February afternoon southwest view in the neighborhood (2016)

The diagonal of Sunny’s winter flag and the branches on the right side of the photograph direct the viewer’s eye toward the sunrise.

Pre-sunrise East rooftop view toward the high school (February 2018)

Near east view with repeating diagonal lines with the tilted solar panel and line of the rooftops and repeating arcs of the center tree and the cloud shapes.

Pre-sunrise northeast view toward the middle school (2018)


South Street snow facing south

South Street snow south view (2017)